Level 4 Full-stack Self-driving System

The system covers every part of self-driving technology

Including sensing, HD Map, perception, planning and control, simulation system and cloud platform.

  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Sensing
  • HD Map
  • Planning and Control
  • Simulation System
  • Cloud Platform
  • Remote Control System
  • Sensing Solution

    The sensing solution, DeepRoute-Sense, includes a slim vehicle roof box and advanced sensor fusion calibration service. The box is set with 8 vehicle cameras, 3 LiDARs, GNSS, and other sensors, along with their corresponding telecommunication and data synchronization controllers.

    Perception Technology

    The perception technology assists with accurate interpretations of the vehicle surroundings. DeepRoute.ai perception method was ranked No.1 for the bird’s eye view cyclist detection on KITTI dataset. As for the bird’s eye view vehicle detection, it was ranked No.6, proven more successful than some of its more renowned competitors.




    Heavy traffic


    HD Map

    With our multi-sensor synchronization technology and HD map, DeepRoute.ai’s system can accurately replicate real world in eight dimensions (color, texture, speed, etc.), ensuring safety and reliability of the self-driving.

    Planning and Control

    Through semantic map and real-time position system, Deeproute.ai’s planning and control algorithm can plan the optimal path under complex road environment, and provide a safe, comfortable and effective driving experience.

  • Overtaking
  • Automatic Emergency Braking & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Turning at an intersection without traffic lights
  • Traffic light and pedestrian detection
  • Simulation System

    By constructing simulated situations (urban roads, vehicles, pedestrians, etc.) in the virtual environment, we can conduct comprehensive performance test of our self-driving technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of our development and provides cost-effective solutions.


    DeepRoute.ai has performed 5G remote control self-driving system.